forest therapy walk

Forest Therapy Walk in Glengarriff Nature Reserve [Sundays & by appointment]

Connect with nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of Glengarriff’s magnificent ancient oak woodlands on a forest therapy walk.

Forest bathing might be quite a new practice in Ireland, but shinrin yoku has a long history, and it’s a wonderful way to revive your mind and your senses in the wild yet tranquil setting of Glengarriff’s nature reserve. Take the time on this gentle guided experience to:

  • Listen to the forest soundscape
  • Notice textures, smells, and sights that ground you in the present moment
  • Revive your senses and your sense of self as you engage closely with the rhythms of the natural world

The walk route steps away from Glengarriff Nature Reserve’s more public spaces to immerse you in its wild heart. A typical walk with forest bathing guide Lisa Curran is approximately 2 km at most but lasts approximately 2.5 hrs.

A great way to escape from your busy head and come into your body and senses. A meditative experience. Lisa is a great guide


July dates:

3rd, 24th & 31st – 11am
17th – 3pm
And by appointment.

To book, contact Lisa:

PHONE  353 (85) 783 8202

The event is finished.


Jul 31 2022


11:00 am - 1:30 pm


Glengarriff Nature Reserve
Glengarriff, Co. Cork